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Bells Into Machine - Bells Into Machines - Double vinyl album

29.99 EUR

Bells Into Machines debut album featuring 2 exclusive vinyl remixes available nowhere else.
A1 Your Crime Scene - My Career
A2 Wretched Little Deity
A3 Soul Of A Man
A4 Ordinary Fascist

B1 Missions
B2 ATF Shadow
B3 Day Of The Lords
B4 Machine Gun Odessa

C1 Sweet Life In Soaring Light
C2 Video Of Slaughter
C3 Films
C4 Zero Soldiers

D1 Missions (84' Version)
D2 Your Crime Scene - My Career (Blood On The Bayou Remix)
D3 Machine Gun Odessa (Colonel Klebb Remix)
D4 Soul Of A Man (Despair And Indifference Remix)